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“Tie Fighter Pilots” - Electronic Street Music
5th of Dez. 2002 -  presented by T-U-B-E & Kulturreferat München
Munich - Subwaystation MaxWeberPlatz &  T-U-B-E &  TUBE-Garage
video show by Benno Fredmüller
read the original press information for this TUBE  event



Video Weltklang at the Tube - Part One:
”Moving in the Sub”
 at U-Bahn-Station Max-Weberplatz, Munich. MPG, 7MByte. Click on pic left!

Video Weltklang  Tube - Part One & Part Two:
 ”Moving in the Tube &
Moving in the  underground car park”
REAL-Audio, 1MByte
. click on pic left!

street music in the subway station

what´s goin on there out?

andreas merz just beamed down

richard aicher (l) andreas merz () walking to TUBE

weltklang tie fighters and walking audience

special guest: the magic synth professor

richard aicher & front & back blasters& korg kaoss pad2

magic synth professor dieter doepfer & A100 System

weltklang & audience exploring TUBE underground car park

dieter dopefer and richard aicher in the outback

weltklang and dieter doepfer electro jam - digital - analog

the late night after event party in the TUBE




photos by esther zatrieb