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richard aicher - tom hackl   -   andreas merz

tom hackl smiling behind his ppg 360 wavecomputer (palmenhaus)

richard aicher - tom hackl   -   andreas merz
palmenhaus - nymphenburg castle - munich

andreas merz (palmenhaus)
with doepfer modular system

lots of articels in all german computer magazines about weltklang

tom hackl  during a concert in Hamburg
left an apple II computer with alpha centauri music system

Gasteig, Munich, VHS opening
Andreas Merz with PPG 380 Computer Event System, Arp Rhodes Chroma Synth  -
Richard Aicher with PPG Wavecomputer II, PPG Wavecomputer 360 and Analog Modular Synths.
 Herbert W.Franke:Computergraphics on DEC Systems

RAndreas Merz and his analog modul system case

weltklang - main act at the perry rhodan festival 1986 - buchmesse frankfurt

perry rhodan festival - buchmesse frankfurt

Richard Aicher with TR-808 and his
Simmons SDSV Drums

Andreas Merz - Richard Aicher - Herbert W.Franke
Gasteig, VHS opening

Richard Aicher

weltklang at the synthesizer musik festival at braunschweig - neue akademie - 1985

perry rhodan festival - buchmesse frankfurt

Richard Aicher - Weltklang Live at the Concert 11xElektronische Musik at Gasteig Culture Centrum, Munich

gasteig concert hall -  munich

part view of the weltklang rehearsal studio munich -  1988 - midi for ever?