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“Weltklang Moving in the Munich Philharmonic Hall 
on a concert of “Blechschaden”

 4th of March 2003  20:00     Munich - Gasteig - Philharmonie




klick left icon for live audio from this event (mpg / 2.3 MB)

blechschaden - (munich philharmonics) & weltklang on stage

sold out! - weltklang in front of an audience of 2500 people

weltklang klangwanderung in Gasteig during pause

weltklang tiefighter richard aicher - red eyes

most of this people had never heard such sounds before!

weltklang coming down elevator from stage to audience

There was a very spontaneous “Klangwanderung” during the concert pause in the Gasteig Cultural Center - Munich
where the  audience and weltklang walked together through three floors of the cultural center..
Weltklang die Strassenmusikanten des 22ten Jahrhunderts!
Weltklang - die modernen Rattenfänger von Hameln!.