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Weltklang Moving Electronics
       & Electronic Street Music



first step - 1995
 Presentation CD Zeitreif at Universal Arts Gallery Munich. Weltlang used for the first time a new designed akku powered electronic music equipment with 8 MD.Players for this event!
The Idea of Mobile Electronics was born.
Location: Universal Arts Gallery Munich.

step two - Feb 2001
Two Vaio C1Picture Books with  Multi Windows Media Players and music software replaced the 8 MD Players.
This was the second step of a new
 “mobile electronic music concept”

Visit this Place!: Universal Arts Gallery Munich.

Presentation CD Zeitreif at Universal Arts Gallery Munich.
foto by universal arts


third step - June 2001
Weltklang used for the first time 2 JVC RV-B99 Ghetto Blasters as mobile amplification system. Now for the first time weltklang electronic music concerts were possible on every place of the world and without external power.

pic left: Richard Aicher and Andreas Merz and Robot-Dogs Weltklang Moving Electronics in a garden near Munic.This was the first Moving Electronics Event with two JVC RV-B 99 and two  Sony Vaio Picture Books C1  in May 2002!

 step 4  - March 2002:
Weltklang replaced the JVC RV-B99 Ghetto Blasters with the new JVC-RS-WP1 Amplification Backpacks. End of Mai the  new name “Moving Electronics” (trade mark) was created by Weltklang as title for this kind of events.

step 5 - June  2002:
Weltklang decided to wear overalls and headlamps together with the JVC-Backpacks as mobile amplification systems

step 6 - 30th of July  2002:
The first Weltklang Moving Electronics
Klangereignis in Munich, Maximiliansforum
together with  Max Glück - Elmulab

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 step 7 -  August 2002:
In this month there were three more Moving Electronics Klangereignisse in Munich Maximiliansforum.
Together with special Guest Max Glück

 step 8 -  August/September 2002:
Thre Klangereignisse in Munich Olympiapark during the summer festival, named “In Front of Ice and Sea”. A new name for this kind of events was born: Weltklang Electronic Street Music. For the first time “Elka Ghetto Blasters were used as “front blasters”

 step 9 -  Dezember 2002:
“Tie fighter pilots” - Electronic Street Music in the Subway and TUBE presented by Munich Kulturreferat. Weltklang changed the Overall colour to black and used for the first time scifi helmets. The event started in the subwaystation then weltklang and the audience went to the nearby T-U-B-E Location (Klangwanderung). Special Guest at this event was  Dieter Doepfer with two racks of his doepfer A100 analogue synth system.

audio clip

video clip


examples from the first events in Maximiliansforum - munich



Weltklang Moving in the YELLOW BOX”
click the icon on the left and watch the
4 min. video & audio clip of this event



photos by esther zatrieb & richard aicher & dominik wagner - video by benno fredmüller& dominik wagner