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“INside Out IV” - Klangereignis
19th of September 2002 - Munich - Maximiliansforum

Moving on the Ground

Preparation of Noize Runner MonoWasp

Weltklang and Noize Runners  Down Under

Richard Aicher - Front Blaster and Moving Yamaha DX200

 Andreas Merz (left) - Front Blaster and Ipod

 Weltklang - Background Graphics by Richard Aicher

Richards “Running Ear” Mobile Kunstkopf Recording System

Richard Aicher and MonoWasp Noize runner, Vaio V1E Lap

photos by benno fredmüller

“INside Out”   Part 1-3  - Klangereignisse
In June/July 2002 there were thre Events at Maximiliansforum, Munich togehter with special guest Max Glück (Elmulab)

from left to right: Guest Musician Max Glück and
Andreas Merz & Richard Aicher (Weltklang)

Andreas Merz - Max Glück - Richard Aicher at Maximiliansforum, 30th of july 2002

f.l.t.r: Richard Aicher - Dominik Wagner (Fotos) Andreas Merz - Max Glück (Elmulab)

Andreas Merz dehydriert

Klangwanderung in front of Schuhmanns, Munich-Night

Weltklang Moving Electronics & Max Glück in a Graffity Underground Crossing, Munich

Weltklang & Max Glück (Elmulab)  playing in Maximilians-Forum

walking down Karl-Scharnagel-Ring, Munich-Night

photos by esther zatrieb