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“IN Front of Ice and Water III” - Klangereignis
30th of August 2002 - Munich - Olympiapark

Weltklang just arrived - Richard installing MonoWasp

Crossing the Barrier

Weltklang Moving -( the yellow box in background(

In Front of Olympic Water

Welktlang synchronising audio systems

Earth people looking what´s going on

Problems with landing shuttle

Weltklang moving in the yellow Box to command bridge












Weltklang Moving in the YELLOW BOX”
click the icon on the left and watch the
4 min. video & audio clip of this event



photos by esther zatrieb - video by benno fredmüller

“IN Front of Ice and Water II” - Klangereignis
on Sunday, 18th of August 2002 - Munich - Olympiapark

weltklang arrived at olympic parc

first to the casino

what´s the plan tonight?

richard aicher and andreas merz tuning instruments

what´s goin on?

richard aicher and young indian

andreas merz and a love affair

big sensation: richards  Noize Runner “stereo racer”

 richards Noize Runner “StereoRacer” with new lightsystem

weltklang ready to beam up home

photos by esther zatrieb

“IN Front of Ice and Water I” - Klangereignis
on Saturday, 17th of August 2002 - Munich - Olympiapark

hard to manage all the moving equipment

andreas merz and richard aicher in front of water

richard aicher and his noize runner B “stereo racer”

richard and vaio laptop and noize runner RC control

give me more power!

Noize Runner “stereo racer” and night light

richard aicher and andreas merz - moving

andreas merz and his flower park

photos by esther zatrieb