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Dieter Doepfer

Dieter Doepfer did lots of works in the early weltklang days. he managed many trigger problems and built intersting sequencers. today he is a famous constructor of analog synths, sequencers and midi tools.


very interesting community of electronic musicians and fans of electronic music in munich, bavaria, germany with  regular meetings and good web site

Günther Schroth

Günther Schroth und sein Label Archegon! Günther machte u.a. bei 11xElektronische Musik aus München mit und hat später ein sehr interessantes Label gegründet! Projekte: Six&More, Barcode Music. Neuestes Projekt: Radiogon! A radio show for electronic and electroacoustic sound-improvisations and sound-compositions

Florian Anwander

Florian and we did some interesting session in the early days. he is a fan of analog synhs and writer for keyboard magazines

Sebastian Niessen

developer of one the best hardware sequencer systems (SAM16). we had lots of interesting discussions about electronic music and Sebastian  played as guest musician in the year 1988 (Black Box).

Karl Gerber had the idea to put the @ sign at the front cover of the LP “11 mal electronische musik aus münchen” long time before the web was born. he makes interesting music experiments with his midi-improvisator software.


Günther Schroth was also participant of the “11x elektronische musik aus münchen” project. today he is experimenting with his barcode music and manages the “six and more” project and his Archegon label. 

Studio Lupus Solaris

Wolfgang Foag was also participant of the “11x elektronische musik aus münchen” project. interessting music and projects for instance with his wave improviser software.

Gerhard Schedel

we had lots of capuccinos and interesting discussions about synths and video art with Gerhard, also some intersting sessions. his projects “amzillas delight” and VASC, electronic music and video art

Max Glück Elmulab

one of the first visitors of weltklang electronic music concerts and at the moment playing as weltklang guest musician. visit his interesting electronic music site!


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